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Choosing the Correct Wedding DJ in Essex

Updated: Mar 7

Wedding DJ Essex

So you have started planning your Wedding and your thinking where do i start? Venue, Entertainment, Cake, Dress, Honeymoon. The list goes on!

Choosing the correct Wedding DJ in Essex can be a very daunting process and lets face it, there are so many DJ's out there and most of time someone knows someone who is a DJ.

I wanted to list a few questions i have been asked in the past and what i think you should look for when booking your Wedding DJ.

Your Wedding Music Playlist

When is comes to the evening entertainment you want to make sure that your Wedding DJ is playing the music you know and love.Most importantly,you want the the DJ to keep your guests up on their feet, dancing all night long.

We have learnt over time that nearly 90% of our customers want to supply a music playlist, so we came up with an online Event portal which allows our clients to login and create a playlist of must play's, play if possible, dedications and even do not play songs. Make sure your DJ offer this service if you want to get involved in the music side of things.

Choosing the Correct Wedding DJ in Essex

The Disco / DJ industry in saturated with DJ's and Disco companies but how do you know about their experience, setup and reputation.

As an example RCT Entertainment & Events was setup by myself, we don't just do this at the weekend. it's a a full time job, 7 days week. Some DJ's will have another full time job and DJ at the weekends for some extra beer money. I have been in the industry for nearly 16 years and worked hard to get to where we are now but i didn't realise the expense of running a full time professional business.

My advice to you would be to look thoroughly for any DJ's website, read reviews on Facebook, google and any other platforms they use.Watch videos and be sure they are have Public liability insurance in place for at least £5 million pound. Most venues will also ask for a PAT testing certificate (electrical safety).

Don't always choose the cheapest Wedding DJ

Lets be honest we all love a bargain and keeping costs down. However choosing the cheapest Wedding DJ can have devastating consequences on the day.

So i hear you asking why do some Wedding DJ's quote £200 and others over £1000 a night. You are paying them for their experience, high quality equipment and most likely its their livelihood.They also have running costs including insurance, vans, music licences to download songs legally and advertising costs. Now i'm not saying that a DJ for £200 is awful, but they most likely doing it at the weekend for some extra beer money and don't have the experience and costs what other companies and individuals have.

Wedding DJ's who Look the Part

Presentation is everything right? That's why we truly believe every Wedding DJ, should attend your Wedding how their guests would attend. Smartly presented in a suit. Nothing worse than seeing a DJ in jeans and a t shirt behind their DJ booth whilst everyone else if dresses to the nines.

In the past i have seen DJ's even sit on a stool behind the DJ booth eating and drinking. This is a complete no go for me and my company. So watch out for this as there are some DJ's out there who find this acceptable.

Wedding DJ Experience

So a Wedding is a big day and most likely the biggest thing you will do in your lifetime. It always comes with a big cost too. So you want it to be right.

Everyone loves music and has their own style and taste however being a Wedding DJ you need to be very versatile, most Weddings have over 100 guests attending which means those 100 guests will all have something they love to hear or their favorite type of music. Getting this right is a skill in itself as you want to make sure everyone has a good time and enjoys the music.

I have been DJing for nearly 16 years and have pretty much played at all sorts of events from small gatherings, celebrities parties and crowds of over 500 guests. This has taught me to play the correct music at the correct time, making sure it flows nicely and build ups the atmosphere throughout the evening. Microphone skills is a must for me and the company, no one wants a DJ who can't pick up the microphone and make announcements or encourage the guests to get involved.

Try and have a chat with your DJ on the phone as this always give you some idea of how they come across as a person and present themselves.

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