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March - Wedding National Survey

Updated: 2 days ago

We are in full swing for 2023! We have just received the National Wedding Survey asking over 2,400 couples who got married in 2022 all about their wedding - from when they got engaged right through to how much they spent and how many vendors they hired. By only surveying couples who actually married in 2022, we can build an accurate picture of the average UK wedding.

The Couples

December was the most popular month to get engaged in 2022

24 Months was the average length of engagement

24-34 Nearly 3/4 of couples were aged 25-34 years old

26% of couples met through an online dating app

18% of couples met at work

15% of couples met through friends in common

Engagement Month Distribution

JAN 5%

FEB 7%

MAR 6%

APR 5%

MAY 6%

JUN 6%

JUL 8%

AUG 11%

SEP 10%

OCT 9%

NOV 8%

DEC 18%

The Cost

47% of couples went over-budget

70% of couples said their budget wasn’t impacted by the economy

17% of those who were impacted by the economy increased their budget at least once

10% of those who were impacted by the economy cut their guest list to save costs

£18,400 was the average cost of a wedding in 2022 (excluding the honeymoon and ring) an £1,100 increase from £17,300 in 2021

63% were gifted money from friends/family to cover costs

59% used savings to pay for their wedding

what couples look for in a venue

average cost per category

venue focus

planning a wedding

vendors hired

You can view the full Wedding Survey here

Download PDF • 1.96MB

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