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Wedding Awards!

Updated: Feb 27

You have most likely seen many different companies in the Wedding industry winning awards. They have become more and more poplar over the last few years.

Lets be honest why shouldn't you win an award,show off your hard work and showcase what you do, if your clients think your great too? Many of my friends in the industry have won awards and it boosted their business by nearly 50% but that's not just why i wanted to enter, i have worked so hard for 16 years in this industry and i'm so passionate about what we do. I want to be able to have something to look back on and be proud of.

This year we thought we would enter a few different wedding awards.We have entered the followed

The Essex Wedding Awards Logo


Here we have to answer a few different questions presented to us by the judges and showcase our portfolio of weddings from October 2022 to October 2023. We have over 45 weddings booked in this year, so i'm hoping lots of bride and groom will give us a great review after their big day.

Were in The Wedding Industry Awards

The Wedding Industry Awards - WINNERS ANNOUNCED TUESDAY 14TH NOVEMBER 2023

This is a bigger challenge and has it's local awards first followed by the national awards in January 2024. We have entered the "Best Wedding DJ" category. This is judged a little differently. Questions we have to answer, a portfolio presented to the judges and also votes from our Wedding couples. All our Wedding couples will automatically receive an automated email after their Wedding to be able to vote for us and leave us a review.

International Wedding Awards

International Wedding Awards - ANNOUNCED 1ST JUNE 2023

Another recent one we have entered is the international wedding award. We have provided our portfolio of Weddings and have our fingers crossed for this one.

Wish us luck

Ross Thurston


RCT Entertainment & Events

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