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Dancing On The Clouds

Have you ever dreamed  of dancing on the clouds? Create the perfect first dance for your Wedding in Essex. A truly stunning picture you will cherish forever.

How Long does it last?

The dry ice will last between 2 -3 minutes, with is enough time for your guests and photographers to take pictures and videos

Will my venue allow it?

Our dry ice machine will not set off any smoke alarms within the venue. Our machine uses water and dry ice pellets. Other products, including low fog machines work differently and will set off smoke alarms. 

The dry ice disperses within a large area, doesn't rise to the ceiling or above feet level, making it perfect for a first dance and Wedding venues. We can also discuss the process with your venue if required.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £250.00

dry ice machine hire essex

Add our Cold Spark Machines

Our dry ice machine and cold spark machines make a perfect addition to the first dance picture.


The cold spark machines are safe to use in any venue and they release cold sparks, no fire or smoke is produced. The are so safe, you can even put your hands through the sparks.

We offer the cold spark machine in pairs. Prices start from £250.00 per pair.

cold spark and dancing on the clouds
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