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RCT Entertainment & Events
Karaoke DJ | Essex | London | The South East of England

RCT Entertainment & Events Karaoke is great way to get together and have fun! If you can sing or not, its the taking part what counts!

Its also a good ice breaker for the beginning of the night.

All our RCT Entertainment and Events disco packages which can be seen here, can have the Karaoke option added to them.

We have 51,000 Karaoke songs to choose from! To request your song you simply scan the QR code on our screens with your mobile phone, scan through the online song book and request it. No more looking through loads of song books.

Our Karaoke Package includes:

  • A Karaoke Host who can sing

  • Two radio microphones so you can sing duets with your guests.

  • Over 51,000 song to choose from from our online database

  • Request songs from your phone

  • Singers and audience screen

Please note we will require an internet connection for the Karaoke software we use.

This can be added to any Disco / DJ package

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